GFTEAM & BMAC (Official representative of the GFTeam in Boston)

Grappling Fight Team (known as GFTeam) is well-known in the BJJ community as a home of champions. The team has international representatives in Europe and North America, and as such it is a dream for many to visit the hallowed tatame that has produced such amazing grapplers.

The Brazilian Martial Arts Center (BMAC) is an official representative of the GFTeam in Boston and we are honor to be part of such great family, we consistently do seminars showcasing the most prominent names in the GFTeam family.

The RE - Birth of Grappling Fight Team. (GFTEAM as we know today)

Currently, the team has more than 50 representatives throughout the Rio de Janeiro, Sergipe, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Australia ,United States and the United Kingdom with investments to grow even more.

GFTEAM headquarters is in the neighborhood Meier, North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, with a facilities to meet all of the athletes.

About BMAC

Brazilian Martial Arts Center (BMAC) Was founded in 2001 by Marcelo Siqueira. It has expanded over the period of time and keeps on growing. So as time changes, so does BMAC. With a space of more than 7,000sq feet and of it 4,000sq feet of mat area. With a professional cage, showers, sauna,and professional Muay Thai bags, it will take you to a whole new level . Come check it out, become part of the BMAC team, which throughout these 10 years has become one of the best well known recognized in Boston. The first MMA center in Boston with a cage. BMAC is always participating in on going events, and with that it has received many national, local and international titles. New challenges, new tournaments awaits.

BMAC owner and head instructor Marcelo Siqueira started studying martial arts in 1977. He started training at Chute Boxe Academy in Curtiba, Brazil under Master Rudimar Fedrigo in 1988. Marcelo is a former World Karate champion as well as a South American kickboxing champion black belt in Brazilian jiujitsu, muay thai judo and karate.He has extensive Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and no-gi grappling experience. His diverse training allows him to effectively teach mixed martial arts for the ultimate fighting experience. The BMAC difference is this emphasis on different styles to create an effective art. BMAC offers something for all levels, whether you are a professional fighter or absolute beginner we can design a training regime to meet your goals.


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