Julio Cesar Pereira (GFTeam)

Mestre Julio Cesar Pereira is a highly regarded BJJ instructor and a 6 grau black belt (6th dan), a former main men at the famous Gama Filho Jiu Jitsu academy and a founder of the GFTeam (Grapple Fight Team) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today he is still seen as one of the main figures of Jiu Jitsu in Rio.

Julio Cesar in Detail

Full Name: Julio Cesar Pereira

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Luis França > Oswaldo Fadda > Monir Salomão > Julio Cesar Pereira

Main Achievements:

2x World Champion (Black Belt, Senior and Master Divisions)
21x State Champion.
Favourite Technique: Guard Passing and footlocks.

Weight Class: Lightweight

Affiliation: Equipe Gama Filho (GFTeam).

Julio Cesar Pereira Biography

Julio Cesar Pereira AKA “Mestre Julio” (translated to Master Julio) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 22nd of December 1964. He started training under Prof Monir Salomão in 1974 with whom he received his black belt. Mestre Julio Cesar is a 6 Grau BJJ Black Belt, a Judo black belt and trained extensively in Luta Livre (a form of Brazilian Wrestling).

Today he runs (together with partners Marcus Bello and professor Alexandre Baraúna) one of the most prestigious BJJ academies in Rio and the world, the Grappling Fight Team with affiliates all over Brazil, a team which has brought the BJJ world champions such as Rodolfo Vieira, Theodoro Canal and many others.

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